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About Me

Like pretty much every scribbler, I’ve loved books ever since I learned how to read, and making up stories for nearly as long. I’m the product of a small Western town and lots and lots of trips to the library, as well as early and intensive exposure to television. An overactive imagination and a motley career path -- including field worker, legal secretary, store clerk, newsweekly editor, and bookkeeper, with a BA in creative writing and philosophy thrown somewhere in the middle -- has provided plenty of grist for my writing mill. I spend my time writing and reading and traveling and daydreaming, and bouncing ideas off my cats when my husband’s not home.

What people usually want to know about me is how to pronounce my last name. Since the question has come up ever since I've been old enough to pronounce the name myself, I don't get too shook up. So in case you're wondering, "BAY-tee-uh" is pretty close.

Random Links

And boy are they. I won't even pretend there's rhyme or reason to either the links or the updates ... I just rotate in & out whatever I find engaging at the moment.

I check in here just about every day (I have other interests than books, though just barely), checking schedules, standings and the like; I don't want to say "obsessively" ... maybe ask my better half about that. I'm often checking in here, too, because even though I love books the MOST, that doesn't mean I don't follow what's going on in the rest of Mass Entertainmentland. My regular internet radio station of choice is still scratchy and lo-fi and one-song-per-78-rpm-side. (Our local station dropped my favorite TV channel, the monsters.) There there are the krazy komix of T-Rex and the gang: I can't quit 'em, and they must never go away or I won't have a clue how to start my day.

And speaking of shameless self-promotion (we weren't, you say? oh well), m'book, The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon (Flux 2010 - YA) is available at IndieBound, Barnes & Noble and Amazon, among other fine retailers. Should you be inclined to read it.


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